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All integrations


Meetings. Notes. Tasks. All in one place.

Hugo connects your meeting notes with the people and tools in your organization by using over 20 integrations with the most-used apps at work, including Todoist.

Because Hugo is calendar-centric, you can easily pull up notes by searching by contact, organization, date, or what was in the note. You don’t have to remember where anything is.

Day-to-day, tens of thousands of people use Hugo to collaborate on agendas and meeting notes in real-time. The result is that collaboration becomes easy. People show up more prepared for meetings. Your team knows what’s happening whether or not they were in the room.


  • Create Todoist tasks as meeting actions, right from your meeting notes.

  • Share meeting notes with your team via Slack, including any actions captured in Todoist.

  • See team meeting notes, organized by the contacts and companies you've met, along with the status of associated Todoist tasks.

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